10 offer Marketing Strategies that actually work!

Do you use promo codes and discounts to drive sales?

We’ve run and analysed hundreds of marketing experiments for our clients in E-Commerce, Travel, Fitness and more.

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Great! Cause we created a concise all-encompassing guide to help you pick the offer strategy that fits YOUR business goals.

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Offers optimized for each of your customers

Introducing Mars which sends a fine-tuned discount to each customer to boost conversions within a budget

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Budget Optimised for Maximum Conversion

Spend nothing more than the minimum required amount from your marketing budget to get the maximum possible conversions

The Right offer to nudge your users to Transact

Use learning from past user behavior to send each user an offer worth just the right amount to lead them to complete a transaction

Measure real results

Monitor offers sent, offers redeemed, budget spent and changes in your business metric in real time through the MARS Dashboard

Less work. Better results

Increase transactions

Maximise transactions

Offers in MARS campaigns are optimised to maximise conversion. Users receive relevant offers thus improving their experience on the app and increasing the click and conversion rates.

Reduce marketing spend

Get the most out of your marketing budget

Mars optimizes your offers marketing budget on the right users to boost conversions, it nudges the users who are just about to convert to prevent dropoff and doesn’t spend much on the users who are already transacting on the platform. Smart heh!.

Send campaigns

Design creative campaigns and leave the math to MARS

Its impossible for a human to uniquely target every user in a marketing campaign. Let MARS compute the best offer value for each user and all you have to do is come up with creative content around it

“In just one month we boosted user engagement and saw significant reductions in churn rate”

Sushant, Product Manager

Become a retention superhero with MARS