Security and Privacy

Marax uses latest security guidelines and features to protect it's customer data systems. The product is designed from ground up to be Privacy-first and highly secure.

Your customer's data stays in your cloud

Mars comes with a standalone server-side tool that can be used to mask PII, and make one-way transformations to the data at the source.

Encrypted data stores

The transformed data is then stored into encrypted silos, any data movement is logged and data security is maintained at rest and when it is moving around.

Privacy features

No PII needed

Mars doesn't need any Personally Identifiable Information to make its recommendations hence safeguarding your customer's privacy

Audit trailed warehouse

Every single data movement is duly logged with our client isolated data warehouse containers

Isolated Data Pipelines

Isolated data infrastructure for every single customer promotes high availability and data security

GDPR Compliant

Respecting the rights of end users, as directed by the European Union, Mars is 100% GDPR Compliant.

Personnel Training

Every personnel is given data security and handling training while they are onboarded

“In just one month we boosted user engagement and saw significant reductions in churn rate”

Sushant, Product Manager

Become a retention superhero with MARS